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Since its creation in 1994 and until nowadays we have focused upon the efficiency of our services in order to offer solutions to improve the performance and to satisfy our customers. Our services and solutions are allowing to our clients to translate the obtained data into useful information, and then to transform these information into knowledge for a good decision, taken anytime and anywhere. The valuation of the information technology is offering opportunities to enhance the effectiveness and the productivity; this knowledge is answering to all the changing needs of our collaborators. Our company is executing different works for water supply, sewage systems and cleaning stations, greening activities, geological studies and works, documentation process for different opinions and authorizations for water management, hydrological and geotechnical studies, etc., due to the expertise of several experienced specialists with over 30 years in design and execution for different objectives in Romania.

Products and Services

The main construction and installations executed by the company LAFORSERVICE are building based and belonging to the hydrogeological area:  
  • Water supply facilities;
  • Sewage systems and cleaning stations;
  • Drillings for water supply;
  • Special drillings in constructions (drilled masts, cement injections, etc.);
  • Geotechnical drillings;
  • Hydrogeological drillings;
  • Rehabilitation of drillings (desanding, unsilting, retubing, cementations, etc.);
  • Video inspections within the drillings.
The documents and studies in the area of water and geology for which our company is authorized to perform are as follows:  
  • Technical documentations for the water management opinion;
  • Technical documentations for the water management authorization;
  • Hydrogeological studies;
  • Hydrogeological studies on the establishment of sanitary protection areas and the hydrogeological perimeter;
  • Geotechnical studies;
  • Geological studies.

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